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Also 70 years after the end of World War II the subject "Painting and Camouflage of the Wehrmacht" still exercises an immense fascination on many military-historically enthusiasts and leads regularly to passionate, quick-tempered however sometimes also pointless discussions. To be able to really understand the historical backgrounds, without any doubt, it is necessary to have facts based on primary sources. The up to now in general known information - mostly only secondary sources - is not enough and turns out wrong, in case of more exact consideration, contradictory or often incomplete. The subject is discussed in military-historical publications regularly only in few sentences, the texts of primary sources are not reproduced precisely, but are translated in own words or into foreign languages, what leads to considerable sensory changes and misinterpretations. Comprehensive or more in-depth special literature does not exist up to now. Also the publications inflationarily appearing during the last years with supposed original color profiles of army device, could not improve the poor primary source situation and remain its basis often totally guilty. This is also valid for some new products in the military scale modelling and restoration color sector of which on concrete inquiry no primary sources form the basis.


Historycolors, resident in Germany, is a research project and archive about German camouflages and historical standard colors of 1927 up to now which is based exclusively on thousands of military and civil primary sources. Through this, it can answer many existing questions on the subject. The focus lies, on this occasion, on the period from 1927 to 1945, the german armed forces (Wehrmacht) and in particular the german army (Heer). Nevertheless, the present primary sources enclose a wider range as for example air defence, national railway, imperial post, fire prevention police, police, German Red Cross, SA, NSKK, NSFK, W-SS, agricultural machinery and DIN colors. The standard colors are based predominantly on RAL standard collections. The research takes place worldwide.


The Historycolors-Archive is not subsidised. Please, note that this is a "one-man-project".

In the course of the research, started in 2006, a comprehensive special archive could be built up on the subject which is continuously complemented. At an early stage it became clear that - despite all the expectations - an unbelievevable number of so far unknown primary sources is still existent. The evaluation, archiving and lasting preservation of color samples, standard colors/collections, documents, some original device, pictures and historical special literature as well as their preservation from the often usual disposal, shows a principal purpose of the activity. Besides, all historical color samples are supplied to a digital color measurement whose results are recorded in a color data base.

The determining results will be available in a comprehensive publication on the subject "Paintings and Camouflage of the Wehrmacht" which will enclose, on account of the already existing primary sources, more than 1000 pages.


The Historycolors-Archive, due to temporal points of view, will be accessible not until the publication of "Paintings and Camouflage of the Wehrmacht" to interested users at the request of. The use occurs without a loss or on the basis of an equivalent exchange of information. Already an equivalent exchange of information is possible any time and welcome.


As a service Historycolors is consulting enthusiasts and owners of original device with the restoration on the subject of the historically correct colors for a cost-covering fee. For this, also color chips of original device can be submitted for a digital color measurement.


Please, note that Historycolors does not offer any color- and varnish products or consult to their use.

Every support like hints to worldwide primary sources as well as their provision for the evaluation and measurement is welcome. For an overview of the primary sources in request see Wanted!

For questions, an exchange of information or if you would like to support the project actively, please contact me.


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