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Important note:
Please provide your full contact details (*) when requesting services. Incomplete requests will not be processed. Furthermore, please note that Historycolors services are subject to a fee.

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Does Historycolors offer color- and varnish products, color tone samples or consult to their use?




Is Historycolors interested in evaluation and measurement, takeover, purchase and lasting preservation of historical or taken out of service color tone samples, standard color tones/collections, color charts as well as color-related documents of military and civil origin?

Yes. Please, contact me on time, in particular if their disposal is intended or to be expected. For an overview of the primary sources in request see Wanted!


Is Historycolors interested in the exchange of information and in documents of military or civil origin regarding painting and camouflage?

Yes. Please, contact me.


Will the archive of Historycolors be accessible for interested users?

The private Historycolors-Archive, due to temporal points of view, will be accessible not until the release of the publications to interested users at the request of. The use occurs without a loss or on the basis of an equivalent exchange of information, which is already possible any time and welcome. More details to the use will be announced on time.


Does Historycolors consult interested parties and owners of military original vehicles with the restoration on the subject of the historically correct colors?

Yes. Please, contact me. For further services a cost-covering fee must be raised.