1.  P u b l i c a t i o n :

"T h e  p a i n t i n g  o f  t h e  G e r m a n  A r m y  e q u i p m e n t  1 9 2 0 s - 1 9 4 5"


Initially, a compact publication in English is planned on the subject of "Painting of the German Army Equipment 1920 - 1945". 


Current status:


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unforeseeable events beyond our control that made a change of publisher necessary, publication will unfortunately be delayed for an unknown period of time.    

2.  P u b l i c a t i o n:  "P a i n t i n g s   a n d   C a m o u f l a g e   o f   t h e   W e h r m a c h t" 


The writing process for the comprehensive publication on the subject of "Paintings and Camouflage of the Wehrmacht" began as early as 2015. The main focus lies, on this occasion, on the german army (Heer). The aim is to bring together all primary sources accessible worldwide in a comprehensible manner and to reproduce decisive information in full, even in the original wording, thus providing a comprehensive overview for the first time. The reproduced original texts also provide a theoretical basis which allows each reader to draw his personal conclusions of the official facts. On the basis of supplementary information provided by the author, the experience and expertise gained from 15 years of daily work and research, as well as the associated review, evaluation and classification of thousands of primary sources, which could never be published in one publication for reasons of capacity, are also included. This results in a tangible link between theory and practice. A continious color print with comprehensive image documentation and a color chart of the most important color tones is planned. A release date will be announced on time on this page.

Following a general overview of the intended contents:

  • Orders, regulations, communications, technical terms of delivery, documents and correspondence to painting and camouflage of the following institutions:
    • High command of the german armed forces (OKW) and postregular offices
    • High command of the german army (OKH) and postregular offices
    • Army weapon office (Wa Abn, Wa Chef Ing, Wa I Rü, Wa Prüf, Wa Ro)
    • Supreme command of the air force (OKL/RLM) and postregular offices
    • High command of the german navy (OKM) and postregular offices
    • Imperial ministry of arming and ammunition (RfBuM) and postregular offices
    • Imperial ministry of armament and war production (RfRuK) and postregular offices
    • Imperial committee on terms of delivery and goodness protection (RAL)
    • Imperial place of chemistry
    • Economic group of the chemical industry
    • Chemical-technical imperial institution (CTR)
    • Color and varnish companies
    • Armament companies
  • Color samples, color cards and standard colors/collections of Imperial committee for terms of delivery and quality management (RAL)
  • Control and rationalisation of the color and varnish industry
  • Production and acceptance of the color and varnish industry
  • Use at armament companies
  • Short overview to air defence, national railway, imperial post, fire prevention police, police, German Red Cross, SA, NSKK, NSFK, W-SS, agricultural machinery, DIN colors etc.
  • Attachment with color samples of the most important colors optionally


Current staus and provisonal sample pages:


So far more than 1,400 pages have been written. Due to new findings and localized primary source finds, some of which are unfortunately still not made available for evaluation, this publication still will be postponed indefinitely in order to meet the holistic requirement.