1. Publication in 2020:

The final draft was handed over to the publisher. Now further work on details will follow.


(www.historycolors.de, 28.07.2019)

Last chance for all collectors: If you own German Heer-equipment (especially large equipment) in the original paint and would like to make pictures of it available for the first upcoming publication, please contact me. The source will be given, of course. Thank you very much!


(www.historycolors.de, 04.06.2019)


New Supported Publication: REAL COLORS OF WWII - AIRCRAFT, AK Interactive


(www.historycolors.de, 24.01.2019)

Some good news for all english speaking customers:

There will be a first summarized bilingual german/english-version of the publication in 2020.


(www.historycolors.de, 01.01.2019)