H i s t o r y c o l o r s


Historycolors is a private "one-man research and archive project" on German camouflage color tones, historical standard color tones and paints from 1927 to the present day, which has been based exclusively on thousands of military and civil primary sources since 2006 and can thus provide well-founded answers to many existing questions. The focus is on the period 1927 to 1945, the Wehrmacht and especially the German Army (Heer). However, the primary sources available cover a much broader spectrum, such as the Deutsche Reichsbahngesellschaft/Reichsbahn, Bundesbahn, Reichspost, fire police, police, DRK, vehicle paints, SA, air raid protection, NSKK, NSFK, W-SS, agricultural machinery and identification color tones, Bundeswehr. Standard color tones are mainly based on RAL color tone cards and color tone registers. Since the start of the project, a comprehensive special archive on the subject has been built up and is being continuously supplemented.


The evaluation, archiving and permanent preservation of color tone cards, color tone registers, color tone samples, documents, some original equipment, pictures and historical special literature as well as their rescue from the often usual disposal is one of the main objectives of the activity. All historical color sample sources are also subjected to digital color measurement, the results of which are recorded in a color database. 


The decisive research results are published in various specialist publications of varying scope.


Historycolors also offers a range of topic-related services as a private archive.


Any support in the form of references to worldwide primary sources as well as their provision for evaluation and measurement is desired. You will find an overview of the primary sources you are looking for under Wanted!


If you have any questions, would like to exchange information or would like to actively support the project, please do not hesitate to contact me.


At this point I expressly distance myself from National Socialist ideas, racist, extremist or radical world views of any kind. Information, documents, images, text and illustrated symbols of Nazi origin exclusively serve the political, historical and technical education (research purposes). 


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